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No Bun Unturned: Finding the Right Fast Food Chain

No Bun Unturned: Finding the Right Fast Food Chain

To folks unfamiliar with the true scope of franchising, fast food restaurants are the cornerstone of franchise ownership. Not surprisingly, we receive many queries about specific fast food brands from the ubiquitous McDonald’s, Subway, and Dairy Queen to more regional favorites like White Castle, Culvers and Aroma Joes.


Child and Senior Services Franchisees May Be Among the Happiest People

The happiest people are those who are solving tough problems and “making a difference” in people’s lives according to Harvard professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter. It’s therefore not surprising then that franchisees within the child and senior services sectors tend to feel especially fulfilled. Learn about the opportunities they offer.


Nailing the Demand For Home Services Franchises

  Estimates say the overall addressable home services market size is between $250 billion to $400 billion.1  Key factors driving it’s growth are: Increasing number of two-parent households: Households in which both parents work full time now stand at 46% and the median household income for families with two full-time working parents is $102,400.2 The

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Where Are the Big Name Brands?

We sometimes receive questions from franchise seekers about why we don’t have certain big name franchise brands listed on our website. The answer is not the same for each brand, but it’s important to note that the brands we DO feature meet several criteria:


Do You Have Enough Money?

Along with financing the start-up of your new franchise business, it’s important you have enough liquid capital to run the business until it starts generating positive cash flow. So, while you’re researching different franchise opportunities, you might want to ask franchisors and current franchisees how the corporate office ensures new franchisees have enough money early on.


How Profitable Is Franchising?

In many cases, a franchisee’s personal income is significantly lower than the profits that their business might generate. This is due to a variety of things including loan payments, required business reinvestment, and taxes; all of which get paid out business profits before a franchise owner can ‘pay themselves.